The Building

With help from the Community Preservation Act and funds from our endowment, The Williamstown Community Preschool purchased the church building from the First United Methodist congregation in June of 2012. We have shared space in the building since 1972. With the purchase, we expand our use of the space, and become the stewards of the building which has been our home for so long, proudly preserving this historic site for generations to come.

Thank you to the community that rallied to make this possible!



WCP offers year-round programming for children from 15 months of age through 2nd grade. Click to learn more about the following programs:

  • Toddler Program

  • Preschool Program

  • School-Age Program (after-school and summer camp)


For current fees, please contact Lisa Corkins at 413-458-4476 or by email. Toddler and preschool tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. We accept vouchers through New England Farm Workers (413) 236-5890.



Lisa Corkins is the current Director of Williamstown Community Preschool. She has taught at WCP for 10 years in all of the classrooms, most recently serving as Educational Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as Teacher, Lead Teacher, and Director certifications through the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) Lisa can be reached at 458-4476 or by email.

Board of Directors

Mark Robertson- President

October Cellana- Vice President

Erin Palmer- Treasurer

Yasmin Wilkinson- Secretary


Ashley Benson, Natalie Harris, Karrie Honecker, Brooke Mead, Nicole Methot, Jen Rork, Torie Smith, Janie Strachan, Niki Wildermuth, and Katherine Myers.

Health Care Consultant

 Kathryn Wiseman, M.D.

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